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Reflecting on 2022 and remaining optimistic about 2023 Image

Reflecting on 2022 and remaining optimistic about 2023

Posted on 10 January 2023

“GRI made significant strides in building its GreenLeadership credentials in 2022. As we continued to remain resilient throughout the year, we weathered the storms and the impact of the global economic downturn”, said Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO of GRI, as he reflected on the year gone by.

 “The hallmark of the year was introducing one of the world's first sustainable agriculture tires through our GREEN XLR EARTH series in August in the US, which we then followed up in November with the launch of the GREEN XLR EARTH 65+ Series in Europe. These tires are designed with bio-sourced and sustainable materials, including recycled carbon black, highly dispersible silica and natural oil. As they reduce the carbon footprint, they also improve durability and performance. The 65+ series is further distinguished through its unique tread pattern, designed to create a virtual rib.”

 “We were also happy to have further strengthened our agriculture tire portfolio with the introduction of the iFLEX and vFLEXranges of IF and VF technology tires. Through the launch of these, our aim is to support farmers with high technology tires that enhance soil protection, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and yield.”

 “2022 was significant for other reasons as well. We were able to open our corporate office in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) in North Carolina, which further established our presence in the US. It also gave us great pride to announce our 5th acquisition as we welcomed Klumpenaar Industriebanden BV in the Netherlands to our business. Klumpenaar is a company with a strong reputation for outstanding customer service in the material handling tire aftermarket service and distribution business and comprises a fully functional team of seasoned industry professionals.”

 “We were also able to complete Phase II of our USD100 million production capacity up-gradation investment at our specialty tire facility in Sri Lanka. This expansion is set to increase our production capacity to support the increase in demand for our agriculture tire category, particularly in key markets like the US, Europe, and Australia.”

 “In recognition of our efforts, GRI was honored to receive three awards at the National Business Excellence Awards 2021, which recognized our excellence in business and contribution to the economic advancement of Sri Lanka.”

 “As we look ahead to 2023, I remain optimistic about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead for GRI. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers, reliable suppliers, dedicated employees, and hardworking natural rubber farmers for their continued support. Together, we will continue to strive for excellence and drive sustainability in the tire industry.”

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