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GRI’s GREEN X Circle Uplifts Schoolchildren in Rubber Farming Communities

Posted on 13 January 2021

11 January 2021. Colombo, Sri Lanka: GRI, recently held two outreach events with natural rubber farming communities it works with. The events were held under GRI’s GREEN X Circle initiative which supports Sri Lanka’s farming communities and the country’s vibrant agricultural industry.


GRI’s close links with the communities over the years has resulted in robust partnerships and grassroots support. Identifying a need for extra-curricular sporting activities and equipment for school children in the area, the company distributed cricket equipment, volleyball equipment and badminton kits to selected schools in Monaragala, Sri Lanka.


 “I convey our heartfelt gratitude to GRI in helping us develop the sporting skills of students at our school. We hope GRI will continue to support these children in the future and wish the management success in all their future endeavours,” said Mr. D. M. Senevirathna, Principal of the Monaragala school.


“As a specialty tire manufacturer for agriculture equipment, GRI recognizes the importance of smallholder farmers in Sri Lanka and the unique challenges their communities face. Our GREEN XCircle initiative helps improve the socio-economic status of Sri Lankan rubber farmers by ensuring fair compensation for their products and giving them the foundation to expand and innovate in rubber cultivation. GRI works with the community to provide solutions for their challenges as the GREEN X Circle is focused on sustainability and taking on a holistic, long-term approach,” stated Dr Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO of GRI.


The recent CSR project was carried out because of close interactions with the farming communities and understanding aspirations for their children. To help children in these farming communities start the New Year on a positive note and achieve success in their education, GRIalso distributed school bags and stationery kits to farmers’ school children inMonaragala in lieu of the new school year.


Mr.H. M. Ranjith, a rubber farmer from Nakkala, Monaragala noted that a unique aspect of their relationship with GRI were these close-knit connections. “We have been supplying rubber sheets to GRI ever since they opened the Nakkala GRI Rubber Purchasing Centre. The main reason for this is the great service by GRI rendered to us and the recognition they have for the work we do.  The schoolbags and stationary gifted to these children will go a long way and we will continue to further develop our relationship with GRI in the future,” said farmer Ranjith.


“The GREEN X Circle is a strategic initiative of GRI, connecting the natural rubber farmer community in Sri Lanka and farmer communities worldwide, who are beneficiaries of the agriculture tires produced by GRI. These tires are manufactured using the natural rubber supplied from our loyal farmer base. As we keep building the foundation of the GREEN X Circle in Sri Lanka, it is a privilege to be able to support the farmer community by assisting schools and students. These are small beginnings of a long journey to show our gratitude to the hardworking farmers who are the heart of our nation,” noted Mr Prabhash Subasinghe, MD of GRI.


GRI is a leading manufacturer of Specialty Tires in Sri Lanka with offices in nine countries and a presence in over fifty countries. GRI produces high-performance AgricultureTires, Construction Tires and Material Handling Tires. Its advanced new factory is the largest in Sri Lanka to produce specialty tires and the first to produce radial agriculture tires in the country.

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