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GRI Opens US Corporate Office at RTP in North Carolina 2022

Posted on 19 September 2022

As a global company that has enjoyed an established presence in the United States for some time, GRI proudly announced the opening of its corporate office in USA. The corporate office has been strategically located at Research Triangle Park (RTP) in North Carolina, to primarily provide ease of access to its growing customer bases located across the United States.


Mr. Prabhash Subasinghe, Managing Director, GRI said "As we rapidly expand our specialty tire business across the US, we realized that a corporate office with experienced staff to cater to the growing needs of our customer base had now become vital. Careful thought went in to selecting the ideal location, since it needed to hold commercial significance, complement our growth agenda, attract best in class talent, and most importantly, provide excellent accessibility for our customers to reach us. The US East Coast and RTP were therefore the natural choice, since it is located at the center of three prominent cities in North Carolina, namely Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, with the additional benefit of it hosting the RDU international airport nearby. The rich culture and history the location enjoys also influenced us in our selection. We are happy to now invite our customers to enjoy our services at this prestigious location and look forward to establishing even stronger bonds with them.”


Research Triangle Park (RTP) is known to have experienced noteworthy growth and is a highly recognised location for many corporations in the US, including global pharmaceutical and advanced technology companies. GRI’s corporate office is in the prestigious Frontier RTP Building 600. The address also boasts of the Boxyard RTP – an inspirational space that has been transformed innovatively to host restaurants and retail establishments by using disused shipping containers.


As a result of operating its corporate office through this prestigious and strategic address, GRI’s US team will be positioned to serve their customers even better, taking full command over sales operations, customer support, and logistics, while nurturing closer interactions with them. It will also provide greater opportunity for GRI to cater to and develop products specifically focused on the North American market, driving both business growth and enhanced customer satisfaction in the United States.

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