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GRI Material Handling Tire Business in the US Continues to Grow

Posted on 05 July 2021

July 6th,2021.

GRI has built a strong foundation and an excellent reputation over 18 years in the US market. Thus, "despite the pandemic and the resultant restrictions, GRI continues to cater to the requirements of the customer with the business seeing growth during the last year," explained Mr. Gary Stevens, GRI President ofSales for Material Handling Tires in the US.


While 2020proved to be a challenging year, GRI took steps to ensure continuous supply to the US material handling tire market without any interruptions. "I had frequent online sessions with all the sales teams of our dealers to provide the required knowledge of our products and keep our customers close. We also took steps to have sessions with sales personnel to look at new business avenues. Throughout the pandemic, we ensured that we had sufficient inventory of our products to service our customers' daily needs," explained Mr. Stevens of the measures taken to sustain and enable growth in the business amidst the constraints of the pandemic.


GRI has been proactive in its approach and has identified areas in the US market for further expansion in 2021. There is growth in the Original Equipment Manufacturer business, and with GRI now supplying KION Linde forklifts with our premium ULTIMATE XT tires, we see great potential. We also see a futuristic transition to electric forklifts from those powered by internal combustion engines. With the pandemic, e-commerce boomed, which resulted in increased demand for warehouse facilities, forklift and truck operations, and logistics. Thus, there was increased growth in the material handling tire business, and it was essential that we maintained our superior product and service delivery to fulfill this demand.


“We have made continuous efforts to develop our business in the US and adopt market strategies according to the changing environment. Thus, ensuring that customers continuously asked for GRI products. Customers are increasingly seeking solid tires that have consistent quality, longer running hours, lower rolling resistance enabling higher energy saving and increased stability supporting higher safety, which GRI provides because our tires are exceptional. We fulfill our clients’ requirements through our strong product range,” explained Mr.Stevens.


As GRI'smaterial handling tire business sees growth in the future, sustainability will be essential for customers, where tires will have less impact on the environment and a reduced carbon footprint. GRI considers protecting the environment a top priority for the company. "We will promote our sustainability initiatives and also continue to expand our dealer network to enable greater growth in the United States," said Mr. Stevens on the future direction of the business.

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