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GRI introduces PEAKMASTER SNOW for the Winter Season

Posted on 05 August 2021

GRI has designed and developed a special material handling solid tires to operate indoors and outdoors on snowy terrain. ThePEAKMASTER SNOW has proven to be an invaluable tire that provides operational excellence in low temperatures and under harsh winter weather conditions. Reflecting GRI’s innovation and engineering ingenuity, the PEAKMASTER SNOW was developed listening to very special customer needs and specifications.


PEAKMASTER SNOW is a premium solid tire that combines an innovative design and advanced construction developed for high-performance in winter weather and snow conditions. GRI developed samples with special compounds that function in sub-zero temperatures tested in specific regions over a complete winter season and proved its vitality and utility for material handling customers.


The tire has special features including a wider tread width, which helps to improve stability, traction, and wet handling. The deep lugs provide exceptional traction in thick snow, and the center lugs have been designed to provide a stronger grip and prevent slipping. The lengthy center grooves create a smooth path for snow flow and better self-cleaning. Furthermore, the parallel shallow grooves prevent snow clogs, and the middle grooves are designed for an excellent grip on snow.


“GRI continues to provide what customers require in their tires by listening to their needs. We are dedicated to continuous research and development together with an innovation mindset using the latest theories in tire technology. GRI is committed to delivering the best tires in the industry while ensuring the sustainability of our solutions for generations to come,” says Mr. Prabhash Subasinghe, Managing Director of GRI.


GRI produces high-grade specialty tires that are built sustainably using pure natural rubber in Sri Lanka. Founded in 2002, the company produces material handling solid tires, radial agriculture tires, and construction tires. GRI has operations in 9 countries, and a business presence in more than 50 countries worldwide. Since 2018 GRI has been advancing in the rapid expansion of its specialty tire plants in Sri Lanka and its operations in key countries. GRI ensures its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection throughout its operations locally and globally.

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