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An industrial solid tire that incorporates state of the art technology and our advanced formulation. The PEAKMASTER is built with advanced natural rubber compounds for optimum performance. Its high-tensile creel bead wires ensure ideal wheel fitment. It has a wide profile, extra wide rim guard, sidewall, and an aggressive self-cleaning lug pattern. The PEAKMASTER is built for internal combustion as well as electric forklifts, enabling them to take on tough and rugged terrains with confidence.


- Greater lug depth and optimized aspect ratio

- Low rolling resistance

- Excellent abrasion resistance tread compound with greater tread volume

- Small tread lug gaps and two circumferential angled grooves

- Availability of non-marker tire in all sizes

- Availability of antistatic tire

- High mileage


- Good traction with a firm grip

- Good driving comfort owing to optimum suspension and absorption

- Low energy consumption and low co2 emissions

- Reduced replacement and maintenance costs

- Very quiet running and outstanding lateral guidance

- No skid marks in the workspace with zero carbon emission

- Maximum stability, safety and comfort

- Electrostatically effective with an electrical resistance of less than 1M Ώ

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