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MP500 tires have been specially designed for agro-industrial, road transport, municipality/maintenance operations and soil tillage applications. The special tread compound provides high resistance against wear and cuts while the unique lug-block tread pattern provides excellent traction on roads as well as fields. Its strong casing provides extraordinary resistance to impacts and shocks in heavy-duty operations. The unique center tie bar design offers increased lug stability and support in resisting lug base cracks.

- An agro-industrial tire suitable for on and off road applications.

- The strong casing provides resistance to impacts and shocks in heavy-duty operations, delivering extensive tire life.

- Grooves between center blocks and lugs give better stability, strength and shear movement for higher productivity.

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International Standards US Standards
Rim Size
Rim. Rec
Rim. Alt
S.W (mm)
O.D (mm)
  • 12.5-18

    Rim Size 18.0
    PR 10
    Type TL
    Rim. Rec 11
    Rim. Alt 12 SDC
    S.W (mm) 325
    O.D (mm) 990
    PSI 44
  • 16.0/70-20

    Rim Size 20.0
    PR 14
    Type TL
    Rim. Rec 13SDC
    Rim. Alt 13
    S.W (mm) 405
    O.D (mm) 1128
    PSI 51
  • 18-22.5

    Rim Size 22.5
    PR 16
    Type TL
    Rim. Rec 11
    Rim. Alt 12 SDC
    S.W (mm) 325
    O.D (mm) 1040
    PSI 51

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